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HPI Micro RS4 Brushless upgrade Drift Conversion

Details of upgrade of the Micro RS4 from retail RTR to brushless electronics. I have emptied the car of the RTR electronics to sell off on eBay to get some cash back in. See the unboxing of this RTR Micro RS4 Mustang Falken Tyre edition here  .   On this post I am continuing the dissassembly and upgrade to brushless using a Castle Mamba Micro Pro Motor and ESC Electronics all removed from the car. All this stock RTR electronics I am selling off on eBay to get some money back in I forgot to get rid of the white wheels. I will order the Blue cyan wheels.  Also … [Read More...]

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motor stopped working problem solved

Today I found the motor on the Mini-Z appeared to of stopped working. While the steering servo was still operational from the handset, the throttle was dead as a Dodo.  I thought maybe one of the FETs had expired.  Closer inspection of the car revealed a loose motor terminal on the PCB.  The screw … [Read More...]

carisma GT14 mk1 or mk2 comparison

The Carisma GT14 14th Scale Chassis is a great touring platform right out of the box. In the UK the Manufacturer brand is known as Carisma – However overseas USA market it is known as Sportwerks. carisma RC gt14 The Carisma brand of cars in the UK is gaining a lot of popularity in recent … [Read More...]


This is good upgrade for the standard the Mini-Z Ko ProPo handset radio. It is possible to change the steering wheel from the fixed position which is fairly high up, not a natural feeling position.  With this Multi Angle wheel extension unit it is possible to drop the position of the steering wheel … [Read More...]


ESS Pro Sound System Unboxing

My Sense ESS Pro arrived from Hong Kong friday 23 Jan 2015. Did not take that long at all to ship to the UK. Thanks for RCMart.com for expedited air-mail shipping and not using a 30-day slow boat.   Good quality professional packaging Contains two smaller boxes one for the speaker … [Read More...]

HPI Micro RS4 Hard Drift Tires

micro rs4 drift wheels tires

What are the options for drift tires on the HPI Micro RS4 Out of the box the Micro RS4 (Ford Fiesta) comes with a rubber intermediate grip tire.  If you want to drift this car you will need to change the tires to drift tires Drift tires are produced by HPI Stock Code 73416  , however … [Read More...]

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